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A. Pentragnani is an upscale clothing store (TS2) that caters to the needs of local celebrities and residents of Apple Valley. It was formed by SUPERSTAR Alisa Crawston. The family of the SUPERSTAR continues to maintain the fashion house and approve of the designs that bear the A.Pentragnani name.

A.Pentragnani supplies the niche market of wedding and formal attire. Each collection was privately commissioned and the various samples as well as the chosen designs are made available to sims all over the nation. Most of the designs remain on a local level for thier clients, however a few of the designs are released for the public to use. Due to the customized nature of the design process, A.Pentragnani does not update regularly, instead often opping for larger updates less frequently.

Also, A.Pentragnani recognizes that many hoods have strict import laws and thus strives to create clothing using MAXIS patterns.


Press Release: 12 Nov 2007

For many sims, their wedding day is one time in their life where a high-end, couture gown is a possibility, and worth the splurge. Walking down the aisle these days is the bridal equivalent of a red carpet.

A.Pentrignani has dressed their fair share of SimNation's elite for awards shows and movie premieres, and Tatiana (Garris) Vanderburg is the latest spokesmodel.

Gowns with extensive, all-over beading, or dresses accented with rhinestone appliqués, beaded accents on the bodice or floral embroidery. Soft silk chiffon versus silk satins. Sculptural bodices to a plunging V necklines to a halter necks with straps that double as a necklace.

A.Pentrignani's Fall Bridal Collection combines a sense of glamour and ethnic appeal in one of the most eagerly anticipated collections. The Fall Bridal Collection consists of the vintage elegance inspired Alvaro collection; retro 50's Elda collection; gothic inspired Jodi collection; afro-centric Sazo collection; modern, cutting edge Selita collection; and finally the glamourous Tatiana collection.

Whatever your bride wishes, it's her desire.

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